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Get a Lot More Business from Twitter the Natural Way

No Scams. No Spam and without the risk of being taken for a ride by promotion schemes or paying a fortune for Twitter's own.

We are professional Twitter Media Managers happy to give you the benefit of many years of experience. If you don't already have a Twitter account we can set one up for you - free - as part of our service.

We interact naturally on behalf of our clients to build them one of the highest Twitter presences in their market and get them the very best results that Twitter has to offer. We get you maximum business without getting in your way. We don't even need access to your Twitter account (although it would help!).

We are completely invisible. You cannot detect who else we are Tweeting for and nobody will ever know that we are interacting on your behalf. You can continue Tweeting yourself at the same time and we blend in perfectly.

However most of our clients leave Twitter to us. Once signed up they know that Twitter is taken care of far more effectively than they could achieve on their own. The extra business they get covers our embarrassingly low fees each month (even from the first) - and a lot more besides. They make a profit from Twitter every month without having to do anything, so can concentrate their efforts on the other social media and grow their businesses even further.

How do we do it?

We use all the tried and tested (and legitimate) techniques used by all the most successful Twitter names to grow your Followers and gain sales, sign-ups or business.

On average our clients easily gain over twice as many Followers every month than they had previously been working so hard to get in a year. Depending on your market the corresponding rise in sales or business can easily cover our fees plus much more besides, leaving you with a regular income without having to do anything. Although as we are invisible you can continue your own Tweeting as well, if you prefer.

If you are new to Twitter or for more details about what we do and why we do it have a look at our page comparing Facebook to Twitter

You have nothing to lose by giving us a try. It's free for the first 30 Days. If you are not satisfied with the way your Twitter presence builds during that time just cancel and it won't cost you a penny - and you get to keep all the extra business and Followers we get for you too - for nothing!

Try us FREE for 30 Days - It may be the best thing you do all year!

We provide a complete service. As part of the process of building your Twitter presence we also (optionally):-

  • Synchronise your Followers by Following back all those that Follow you and un-Following in return any that are rude enough to un-Follow you. (This is something you can't easily do yourself as Twitter doesn't tell you who has un-Followed you)
  • Send DMs (Direct Messages) of your choice to all those that Follow you, thanking them for Following and giving more personal details about your product or service. Or a special offer, if you have one.
  • Help you set up Twitter Cards, if appropriate. These are extensions to your Tweets that can include a picture and description of each of your products or services, or some area of your business you wish to highlight. Twitter claims that using their Cards can increase the click-through rate of your Tweets by 30%! They are free to use but require setting up, which can be a little bit 'techy' so not many people use them. (Which is good as it makes you stand out as being different!)
  • As an ongoing process we also monitor all the other #Hashtags being used in Tweets along with yours, looking for any popular related topics that might be emerging. Each month we review and fine tune your campaign to bring you in more and more business.

All this for just £49 GBP a month. (GBP = British Pounds - Or the equivalent in your currency)

  • Or even Less if you have a Promotion Code. A promotion code doesn't just reduce the cost of the first chargeable month, but sets a lower price for every month as long as you remain a client. If you have missed getting a code don't worry, you will be given any that are current when you sign up. Once your Free Trial is active you will have access to the RUYT Controlpanel where you can keep an eye on everything we are doing for you. You don't have to pay anything for 30 days, so hang on to your code and enter it in the Controlpanel once you have access.
  • No Set-up Fees.
  • No Contract - Cancel whenever you like, even after your trial period. Although we are confident that you won't want to!
  • Easy to Cancel. Your RUYT Controlpanel contains a BIG cancel button, but we're sure you won't want to use it!

Don't Take Our Word for it! Sign up for your FREE 30 Day Trial and see for yourself!

If you don't see an upturn in Followers and Fortune in that time just cancel and it won't cost you a bean. You get to keep all the Followers and extra income we got for you too!


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About RightUpYourTweet

We have to be honest, RightUpYourTweet came about by accident. It wasn't planned, it just sort of evolved out of the efforts of a number of small business owners. Each one had heard that Twitter was the best social media on which to promote a business, so they had a go but didn't get satisfactory results. Probably because we were making the same mistakes you are.

Self employed people are not the type to give up easily, so RightUpYourTweet was born out of the experiments we made as a group to get it right.

We know our techniques work from personal experience. For many years each one of us has been getting a lot of business from Twitter, but our services have always been private. Available only to a select few by invitation only.

We have only recently set up the @RUYTweet Twitter account and thrown our doors open to the public. (Hence the reason we don't have all that many Followers ourselves yet - but watch how fast they are growing!)

We know our techniques work extremely well and are confident we can do the same for you.

We are friendly and helpful and our aim is for you to succeed. We are Right Up Your Tweet!

Contact RightUpYourTweet

Twitter: @RUYTweet


Help: We want your Twitter presence to grow and are here to help. If you need assistance or advice, or just want to ask a question, email us. If your problem cannot be solved by email you will be given the mobile phone number of your very own advisor. Now there's an offer you don't see very often!

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We are champions of Small Businesses everywhere. We want your Twitter presence to grow and your business to succeed. We would never do anything that would interfere with that goal!

We are completely invisible. Nobody will ever know that we are interacting on Twitter on your behalf, unless you tell them.

We do NOT:-

In fact we don't do anything but help!

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